Autumn Love: Lips & Nails ♡

Just a few things that I know I'm sure to be using and loving this Autumn, on my lips and nails.

Revlon Lacquer Balm - Provocateur 

This is the first Revlon Colourburst Balm that I have purchased! And I did not regret it. The lacquer balm is so creamy, smooth and glides on effortlessly. Its such a nice colour for the autumn time as it is a sheer red, easy to build up colour to make it more opaque also. 

Kiko Lipstick - Black cherry 522

So I went to Westfield with my work friends a while back & I spotted the Kiko store. I had never been in there before but heard quite a few good things about the store from fellow bloggers. I decided to head in and get swatching! I noticed this dark and creamy purple lipstick and fell in love! Its quite similar to the colour of my nails actually. Which screams A/W!

Mac Lipstick - Matte Diva

Whilst I was at Westfield I also popped into the Mac store which was packed as per usual! After about 10 minutes I'd finally made it to the counter to tell the Mac lady what I wanted. I knew Autumn was fast approaching and thought  that I would try out Macs Diva and I must say I didn't regret this decision at all. Unlike other Matte products this doesn't leave your lips feeling or looking dry. A little also goes a long way with this colour and it also lasts quite a long time. I can't say I'm dissappointed.

Essie - wicked

I must blame the grubby looking packaging on my Mum! I let her borrow this as she was going to a Party and was looking for a dark berry colour for her nails. When she returned it I wasn't too pleased, but it doesn't matter right guys?! ANYWAY I have definitely talked about this nail polish before & here I am talking again about how awesome it is for A/W I literally need to be dragged away from it during the colder months as it is all I wear on my nails. In fact I'm even wearing it on my nails in this picture. I just love it, but if anyone has any recommendations on other nail polishes for A/W let me know.

MUA Lipstick - Wild Berry

My friends and I went to our local shopping centre for lunch and then did some shopping afterwards. My friend swatched this colour and surprisingly liked it! I tried it on and also liked it. For only £1 you can't really go wrong. Its a cross between Mac's Diva and Kiko's black cherry (in my opinion) in a Matte form. I really like it and for £1 I definitely have no regrets.

Revlon - New York Scene

This colour is pretty similar to the provocateur by revlon, the only difference is that it is more 
liquid-y and lasts longer on the lips. I put on my provocateur before I put on new york scene just so it can last throughout the day.

NYC (New York Colour) Lipstick - Plum Rum

I really like this colour its a cross between a nude and a light brown colour. I bought this lipstick about 1/2 years ago. Its so old superdrug don't even stock it anymore! For autumn this lipstick will be something I will be reaching for when I'm stuck on what to wear for the day. It goes with such a simple makeup look or dramatic eye look.

Vaseline - Rosy Lips

Now we can't forget about Vaseline this Autumn. For the colder months this should definitely be in your bag or pocket. The rose tint just makes it a little less boring. I would also recommend any balm or even carmex. Anything to stop dry lips!

What things have you been loving this Autumn?
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Adeola  x


  1. EEEEK I really like the black cherry, but I wouldn't be brave enough to wear it! :) Will you be doing a look with it?
    I like your blog, your newest follower :)) xx

    It would mean so much to me if you visited my blog <3 If you have some time to spare :)

    Berry The Blue

    1. I should be doing a look soon, maybe on my youtube channel! Thank you for following x

  2. The color of the Mac lipstick is so nice and perfect for fall. Great post.


  3. I am loving the products you picked up- especially the one from Mac. The shade is so gorgeous, I've been wanting it for ages x



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