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Deliveries; New Make-Up Brushes; Crazy Edits; Wearing my Wireless Outfit

I ordered a few things online and they arrived. I ordered some make-up brushes a while back and they were quite cheap so I got three lots of them; it took a long time for them to arrive though. I got a new app on my phone and decided to play around with it, the picture made me laugh to be fair. I wore my wireless outfit to show my sister, and ask her opinion on it, and also obviously to take selfies! 

Selfies; Pizza Hut; New Blog Post; Another Delivery

I seem to just live in my nightgown, I can get away with it though because I'm off for the summer. We ordered Pizza Hut just because. I put up my blog post which features a really pretty and affordable clutch/over the shoulder bag. I also ordered an eye shadow palette from eBay with a large range of colours.

Yellow Nails; More Selfies; Down On My Luck; Contact Lenses

I couldn't find my white nail polish so I painted my nails yellow, and as soon as I finished I found my white nail polish. That was annoying. I actually went outside my house to go to the opticians and pick up some contact lenses. I'm obsessed with down on my luck by Vic Mensa, and I saw him at Wireless! on the main stage! Contact lenses so I can see.

OOTD Blogposts; OITNB; Wireless!

I took some pictures of my outift so that I could have them on my blog :). I finished Orange is the new black :( it was so so good! I love it, can't wait for Season 3, apparently its being filmed now! I turnt up at Wireless! I went on the first day because I wanted to see Kanye, and he was so so good. The atmosphere was amazing, such good vibes. I saw Tim Westwood, Vic Mensa, Foxes, Iggy Azalea, Tori  Kelly, Meridian Dan, Skepta, JME, Kid Ink and of course Kanye West. Definitely thinking about going next year it was just such a good experience.




  1. Hello lovely, thank you for the sweet comment on my blog, I really appreciate it! :)

    Great post, thanks for sharing!



  2. Love that eyeshadow pallet and yellow nail polish!
    Anyway, I have new outfit post on my blog, so if you are interested check it out:)
    Have a lovely day, kisses
    Christine G ♥

  3. I've been loving the new episodes of the OITNB! i went through it pretty fast so i've been stuck rewatching
    haha :) great post xx


  4. Great photos, just loving that eyeshadow palette x


  5. Lovely post,dear:)
    Keep in touch xoxo

  6. This sounds cool! Love your yellow nails :)

    Love Emma xx


  7. I love love love orange is the new black, absolutely obsessed and enjoy seeing all your pictures!

    much love xxx

  8. Love OITNB.
    Are those makeup brushes good, I want to try them out but I'm worried lol.
    Thank you

    1. Yeah they are so good, and so soft too x


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