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I have been loving the Proper Popcorn Sweet & Salty Popcorn so much!
It may truly be a new addiction. I always find myself getting a packet whether big or small.
The popcorn is also flavoursome which is hard to find in some popcorn brands.
Also a very reasonable price for the quality. 

These simple products have been my saviour. 
I use the oil balancing exfoliating wash once a week and the oil balancing moisturiser every day as I have quite oily skin and it works so well for me! Its been really helping loads, I recommend these products.

Now... I wasn't really expecting to love these as much as I do.
My brother got me these Sony headphones for Christmas and I just had to include them in this post,
they're THAT good. I'm currently using them listening to Foster the People and writing up this post.
They are seriously amazing quality for the price.

I've been looking for an affordable tartan scarf, and this one from Primark was just what I was looking for although it isn't as thick as I would like it is quite large, so not too bad. I'm liking it.

I'm so excited to try this workout DVD
I need to shed a few if I'm being honest.
I've watched every episode of Geordie Shore and follow Vicky on twitter  so I went on Amazon and purchased the DVD because of the hype. Tomorrow I am starting so hopefully its good as I hope.
(If its good it will be in the next favourite post).

I am in love with this Nail Polish from the range Essie named "Wicked". Its probably the best Autumn/Winter Nail polish I've purchased and I think I'll be wearing this to death. It does require a bottom coat as it is quite a vampy red meaning it will stain. It also requires a top coat as it chips away quite a bit. The application brush is so good as well, so if you aren't the best at putting on nail polish the Essie application brushes are brilliant. Its pretty pricey for Nail Polish but much cheaper than acrylics (that's what I tell myself).



  1. Love this blog post idea, mind if i steal it? also I bought some of that popcorn xx


    1. Thank you, I don't mind haha xx

  2. Popcorn is like the love of my life lately!
    I need to invest in some headphones I totally should have thought to put them on my christmas list - but i forgot! don't think I can wait another year!


  3. the nail polish is so pretty :)


  4. Love the propercorn, can't get enough of them

    Please come check out my latest post if you have time :)

    Fragile Bird | www.fragile-bird.blogspot.co.uk



  5. That scarf is amazing. love the colours x

  6. I love the nails in this post. and btw your blog is fab just discovered it.



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