My Week x Sunday Portrait 001

001. This week I went back to sixth form as half-term was over :(. I got so much work done though and had a finance exam which I just about scrapped an A in, so I was quite happy about that and so was my Dad hahaha.

002. I slipped and accidently had some chinese take-away this week so my healthy eating has to start up AGAIN this following week.

003. I had a good week and hopefully things are looking up from here in terms of happiness and success.

004. Also I think I'm gonna start updating more and I like this idea of Sunday Portrait which I stole from llymlrs.



  1. Stunnerrrr , enjoy the rest of your week xx

  2. well done on your A!!!!

    6th form flies by. I actually midss the common room days (not the exams lol!)

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