The Forgotten Photo's.

001. These are a few pictures I found on my camera and forgot to blog. These are from quite a while back and I was looking through all the pictures on my camera and the pictures on my blog, and realised that I never got round to uploading them. I think this was a time when I was revising so I didn't get the chance to upload them right away.

002. The first lot of pictures were my friends birthday, just a few close friends were invited to her house for a chinese take-away and a catch-up, we also watched Anuvahood (which wasn't a good film as I thought it would be, if I'm being honest.)

003. The second lot of pictures were when my friends and I went to the new local park and decided to have a catch-up it was quite fun, and I felt like a big kid again (cringe :| ) but nevertheless we still had a fun time, it was like a mini picnic too, as we just wanted to see each other before we all head to different colleges/sixth-forms this year.

004. The last lot of pictures was non-uniform day these pictures are extremely old I think (from what I remember) these pictures were taken in January I'm not a 100% sure. These pictures are that old that I don't even think they look like me LOL.


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