Prom - Couple Pictures:)

001. Prom was fun! It was quite a while back but I didn't get to share any pictures with you so I just thought why not. I got ready at my friends house and we went together, we didn't get a limo because of the stress and everything and to be honest I don't really regret not getting a limo, we had just as much fun as someone with a limo.
002. My dress was of a burgundy colour and was quite hugging and complimented my curves, (or whats of it) I wasn't really keen on my dress but it worked in my favour as I got it for free from one of my mums friends. I wore flats to prom as being 5'11 I didn't really want to towering people by wearing heels and heels are uncomfortable as well, so the cons out weighed the pros.

003. Prom was amazing and I cant really believe that I was thinking of not attending such an event, these are not all the pictures just a limited amount as I have far too many pictures that may not interest you LOL.


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