Week In Photo's 2

001.It was non-uniform day in school, and my friend brought her professional camera in(:
That was what i wore... I know I just couldn't be bothered and i'm thinking of really changing my style, 
i really like what some people on lookbook wear and i'm going to change it up as a few people have inspired me, I will do a post about it later.

002.This week it was also my Dad's birthday and we got him a cake :p obviously we ate some then I remembered I should probably take a photo we also had a Chinese takeaway, then later in the week I went to Lakeside - my local shopping centre - and got a few things from superdrug, I think I will get a beautycard from superdrug actually :)

003.The "MUA" products were only £1.00 each so I was really happy with that(: I got white eyeliner, liquid eyeliner, and blusher. You can also use the blusher as eyeshadow, my cousin taught me that trick, but if you already knew that then you don't need me telling you.


  1. I like your blog so much!
    I'm following you now! :)


    1. Awwww thank you so much!! I've just seen this, thanks for following :)


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