photo week 1

Nerd Glasses: primark £2.00
Turtle Necklace: primark £2.00

This is my week in photo's I'm trying something new out and this is it! It's kind of messy but I love my nerd glasses, and I got this cute turtle necklace from primark I'm surprised its so cute! I cleaned up my room and took a picture of the box of my Vans haha, then I came across my t-shirt from year 6 that i got my close friends to sign. Also my boots advantage card came yayaya hahaha. And I got a temp phone, which is pretty crap but hopefully temp till i can get a better one:). My Dad also gave me his laptop so that I can focus on my GCSE's and revise a bit more, so i'm saying goodbye to my ancient computer which has the Kardashian's as the background, and as you can see I took a picture of the keyboard of my new laptop. Yesterday I went out to my friends it was fun, hahah, we did prank calls and shizniz and had a good time as you can see, we had customized t-shirts that her mum had specially made.

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